The ‘rebellion’ of Kate Middleton and Guillermo: the controversy over his last trip intensifies

It is not usual for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to become the protagonists of any controversy, but, sometimes, those who Queen Elizabeth sees as the future of the Monarchy, things also get out of hand and make mistakes like the most . It happened a few days ago when the couple made several headlines due to a supposedly fortuitous encounter with the Earls of Wessex and their children on a visit to a nighttime attraction in Norfolk, in which by number, they exceeded the recommendations of the authorities.

Although the question of the meeting between the two families has not transpired further, now the Cambrians find themselves with a new open front. A few weeks ago, just before Christmas, the couple went on a short but very intense tour aboard the Royal Train. It was the first time that Kate Middleton rode officially – we do not know if she has visited him privately on any occasion – so the trip caused great expectation. Especially since the Duchess of Cambridge has been an outstanding member of the Royal Family for many years, in fact, she will be the future Princess of Wales and yet she had never been on board the railway, something that Meghan Markle, for example, did together to the Queen within a few months of her marriage to Prince Harry.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at one point on the Royal Train / Gtres tour

A trip in which the Cambridge visited eight cities in just two days and covered approximately two thousand kilometers. A great success for the couple that since the health crisis began, has strengthened its position within the Royal Family, in addition to increasing its popularity among the population.

Despite the fact that it was a highly anticipated tour and that all precautionary, hygiene and safety measures were taken to avoid any type of mishap and in which the main objective was to thank the health workers for their work in recent months and learn more about the problems generated by the pandemic, the truth is that it has not been without controversy. And that once again, Kate Middleton has shown her professionalism thanks to her excellent way of acting and the winks she has made in each of the locations that the couple visited.

There were many voices that were raised against this trip, since they considered that it was a critical moment to carry out due to the alarm situation. Voices that, it seems, from Kensington Palace they were not heard. Now the Scottish newspaper “The National”, brings to light a series of emails that show that weeks before the tour took place, those responsible for the trip were being alerted that it was postponed due to the health emergency context . The restrictions then called for no trips to the UK be made unless absolutely necessary and this was stressed to the Dukes and other authorities responsible for the journey.

In mid-November, the Scottish Prime Minister’s Secretary insisted on this issue: “We are currently asking people living in Scotland to avoid unnecessary travel and only move within the area where they live. From a personal point of view, I think the tour will mean a lot to many people who live across the country. The chances that the tour will need to be postponed are potentially quite high.

The 'rebellion' of Kate and Guillermo: the controversy over their last trip intensifies
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did not abide by the recommendations that determined not to travel / Gtres

Despite the insistence and restrictions, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continued with their plans and made the tour, stopping in Edinburgh, included among the areas that were not allowed at the time, which generated a great controversy. On the one hand, it was said that the Executive had tried to stop the trip because it was irresponsible at all levels, but there were also those who assured that it was a work trip and, therefore, did not breach any rule.

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