The record that Rangers de Morelos would set in Scotland

Impeccable Rangers season, both locally and in the international tournament. The team led by Steven Gerrard remains undefeated in the Scottish League after 30 games played, a streak that extends to the Europa League, in which beat Antwerp 3-4 in Belgium, with a great performance by Alfredo Morelos who gave two assists the week before for the first leg of the 16th finals.

The excellent performance has the Glasgow club close to setting a Scottish football record, as if some results are given in the upcoming matches would become the earliest champion in the history of this league.

What must happen to break this mark?

Right now, the advantage over his pursuer is 18 points with 8 games to play for each. To impose the new brand, Celtic should lose next game to Aberdeen on February 27 and Rangers beat Livingston a few days later to extend the difference to 21 units with the same number to dispute.

In case those results are given, those directed by Gerrard a draw on March 6 against St. Mirren would suffice. to secure the title after 10 seasons, all dominated by Celtic.

Being consecrated on March 6 would break the record of the earliest Scottish League champion, which also belongs to Rangers, who in the 1928/29 campaign he secured the trophy on the 16th of that month. Celtic came close to beating him in 2014, but it was until March 26 that he succeeded.

Before focusing on breaking that record, Morelos and his teammates focus on the return of the Europa League 16th-finals against Antwerp this Thursday, February 25 at the Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow.

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