The Red Lions win a tough match against England and make the semi-finals of the Euro – © DIRK WAEM – BELGA

The Red Lions won their second game of the Euro against England, 2-0. This victory combined with the first against Spain 5-0, allows them to join the semi-finals. The two goals of the day were posted on PC by Tom Boon and Alexander Hendrickx, in the first and last quarter. If the meeting was a little more complicated, the Red Lions did not panic and assured the essential. It remains to be seen whether they will finish first or second in their group. Answer, facing Wales on Tuesday.

Summary of the meeting:

The Red Lions are dominated at the beginning of the game, even if they propose pretty sequences.

But the experience speaks late in the first quarter. Tom Boon opens the score on Penalty-corner, it reassures the Belgian team a bit that was undergoing a strong moment of the English. The meeting then balances gradually. The Red Lions, like the English, put on pace and want to score. The first half ends with a score of 1-0.

The English begin well the second period, they quickly get two opportunities. They are much more forward, with a Vincent Vanasch always determining. Belgians do not demist either offensively. Both teams put a lot of intensity in the beginning of the second half.

After ten minutes in the third quarter, the Belgians dominate again. They create, offer themselves opportunities. Only the finish is missing. But the English are present, they also offer a hit on the latte. The warnings are serious, the Red Lions must absolutely get away. They do not succeed while they get a new PC. The following in the wake is him converted by Hendrickx. 2-0, the Red Lions are finally reassuring! They can play a little more liberated. The English, for their part, can not score. The score will not change. Belgium are qualified for the half, their match against Wales will determine if it will be in first or second position of this group.

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