The reflection of Serj Tankian (SOAD) on the state of the world that Donald Trump would not want to hear – Al día

In a new interview with NME (transcribed by, el vocalista de System of a Down, Serj Tankian, who, as you may know, was publicly critical of the administration of Donald Trump, has reflected on the current state of the world and the arrival of Joe Biden to the White House. According to the vocalist, the world feels “relieved” of Trump’s departure.

“I think the world is more relieved than hopeful. With Trump out and Biden in, I think there is a general sigh of relief, not just in America, but around the world, because American policy affects the rest of the globe more than any other country. In addition, the president has too much power when it comes to foreign policy, perhaps more so than at home. A president of the United States has too much decision-making capacity in the problems that affect other countries. So I think the whole world was relieved that Trump is gone and someone older is in power right now. “

“Will this go that far for me as an activist when it comes to my desire to implement vital changes that have to do with climate change? In the distribution of wealth, public education and universal healthcare in the United States? I’d like to see all of that come true. Hopefully, the Biden administration will open the door to some of those ideas that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, as well as other progressives, were championing. So, from my point of view, we are halfway there. However, when you compare it to the chaotic policies of whatever the Trump administration was called and the lack of three-quarters of the team doing the real work, everything is going great. “

Opposite ends work in System of a Down

Serj has also not been shy when it comes to talking about his relationship with the band’s drummer -and his brother-in-law- John Dolmayan, who made headlines last year defending Trump and accusing Democrats of “demonizing” the tycoon, blaming him for “everything that happens under the sun.”

“A good band has a lot of dynamics, no matter if they are political differences or ideas, that were more pronounced between John and me during the last year, with the whole issue of the Trump re-election campaign. However, we never had a problem within the band with American politics before this. It’s something new, actually. But John is my brother-in-law and a member of the ensemble, so I challenge you to find a brother-in-law with whom you do not differ in your political ideas.

“It’s really interesting, because some of the best bands, the ones that created the most elastic and interesting music, are the ones that had the weirdest and most interesting dynamics. These groups were the ones with the most different perspectives among their members. So I wouldn’t change that even a little bit. ”

“This is better than having four or five people doing what I call corporate music, which is when you agree on everything. These kinds of people want to maximize their comebacks, they put out music every year and they also do constant tours, and that’s because Pepsi sponsors them or whoever it is. We are not like that, System of a Down has never been that. We are punk rock. And this works great when we are working together, but it also causes us to sometimes not work. So be it”.

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