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Skill Capped and Method NA are the Arena World Championship (AWC) Season 1 Regional Champions!

The first season of the Shadowlands AWC has come to an end after the incredible finale of Season 1: Skill Capped has won the US regional championship and Method NA he has taken the regional title of NA. With a total prize pool of $ 200,000 up for grabs, the winning teams conclude the season with their gold medals and $ 50,000 each.


Skill Capped entered the final as clear favorite and he did not disappoint his fans. Started the weekend sweeping Method EU in the quarterfinals and then finish immediately with Creed, again 3-0. Method EU came back in search of revenge through the elimination box. While Skill Capped it was done again with three maps in an infallible way, Method EU he was able to pull off an incredible comeback that forced a sixth map. But in the end, Skill Capped he proved stronger and clinched the US championship in a 4-2 win. According to Maro, Skill Capped he dominated because “all his players are the best in the world in their respective categories, they are all too good.”


AWC Season 1 NA table.PNG

None of the commentators was betting on Method NA to win the title in a highly contested region. But after defeating OTK 3-1 in the quarterfinals, Method NA achieved a close 3-2 semi-final victory against Cloud9. The rematch came after Cloud9 surpassed OTK in the semifinal of the elimination table. Method NA Y Cloud9 they loaded with everything they had for the champion title and alternated in the lead until they reached the seventh game. In the Dalaran Sewers combat, the crowd control of Method NA demonstrated his dominance by finally defeating Cloud9 to finish as NA Regional Champions of Season 1.

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“These two teams are hands down among the best to ever compete at the AWC,” said David Hollings, AWC Product Manager. The meetings this weekend in both regions have been so entertaining that I did not want them to end. I’m wanting to see if Skill Capped Y Method NA they manage to keep up in a season 2 that will undoubtedly be very stressful. “

AWC Season 1 is over, but the postseason relegation tournament will run from May 14-16 with the final two spots for Season 2 allotted. For fans of dungeon teams we have The Great Push, our first tournament of sports dungeon of the year, which will take place from May 28 to 30 in YouTube Y Twitch. Thank you for joining another amazing AWC weekend. Do not forget to follow the sports from WoW and Twitter to enjoy all the news, memes and news about the game that you can put up with. See you in the arena!

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