The relationship between a dancer and another young man will unleash a storm in Someone Must Die

In conservative Spain in the 1950s, the alleged relationship between a Mexican classical dancer and another young man unleashes a storm with heartbreaking consequences.

Mexico City, October 17 (However) .– A young man named Gabino has lived in Spain for many years, but his mother asks him to return to Mexico. Upon landing, he discovers that his family has plans for him, since they have already engaged him to marry a young woman from a wealthy family.

Without imagining what awaits him in his country, he arrives accompanied by a dancer friend, who is a mystery to everyone. The relationship between the two will unleash a storm with heartbreaking consequences.

Someone has to die stars Alejandro Spitzer, Ester Exposito, Carmen Maura, Cecilia Suarez and world-renowned dancer Isaac Hernández.

The miniseries, created by Manolo Caro, is available at Netflix.


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