the return of ‘Sex and the City’ (and without Samantha)

Confirmation that Sex in New York will come back in HBO Max with ten new episodes with a limited series called And Just Like That… has caused passionate reactions among seriéphiles and fans from the classic starring Sarah Jessica Parker. Also in the writing of SERIES AND MOREof course.


Daniel Mantilla: It is an opportunity to fix the bad taste in the mouth of the movies and talk about sexuality and the desire of women in the 50s.

‘Sex in New York’ enters the fifties.


The confirmation of the rumor left a trail of passionate reactions in the networks. “Why don’t they let her die?” Some said. “Without Samantha it is not Sex in New Yorkmany lamented. Others celebrated the return of an iconic series that deserves such an important place in television history as The Sopranos, the other great protagonist of the creative revolution of the medium at the turn of the century. My first instinct was much more basic than all that: a world with new episodes Sex in New York it will always be better whatin a world without new episodes of Sex in New York.

Michael Patrick King, showrunner of the last four seasons of the original series and director and screenwriter of the two films, has the opportunity to take away the bad taste in our mouths left by his two film adaptations, especially that sequel that seemed made to agree with those who mistakenly believed that Sex New York it was just a frivolous, superficial, and histrionic product. Which at times it is (and we give thanks for it), but it is also much more than that.

Whoever has seen old chapters of the series again will find some Inspired scripts as ahead of their time and funny as they are honest with a reality that was then simply being ignored by the mainstream. It is not that in the late 90s women did not talk about sex, it is that no one had bothered to teach it to us. Of course some of its passages have aged fatally. And that? The worrying thing would be that the world has not changed in the twenty years that have passed since then. King and Darren Star, the creator already disengaged from the third season of the comedy, they were scriptwriters, not tarot readers.

“Although television has evolved a lot in the portrayal of women in the ten years that have passed since we saw the characters for the last time, Hollywood is still not very interested in telling the experiences of the ladies (blessed ladies) . “

Regardless of whether your reasons are emotional, creative, or financial, Kim Cattrall has every right in the world not to want to be Samantha Jones. The same one that has Sarah Jessica Parker to return to the character that made her an icon. Although the foul-mouthed and sexual publicist will be missed, many series continued without their protagonists: Cheers remained Cheers without Diane and Aida did not need that Carmen Machi was in the series to maintain millionaire audiences for years. Samantha was an integral part of a series that, first and foremost, spoke about female friendship. But the truth is that even in real life, friends stop being friends too.

The scripts will have to find a way to return sex to Sex in New York without the character that encompassed many of the reasons that had made the series an icon. It is not known what will happen to Samantha: if the relationship will be over, if her funeral is the reason the old friends get together or if even if another actress is booked to replace Cattrall in the character (please no, no we’re talking about Aunt Viv’s The prince of Bel Air).

I prefer to put aside what we will lose to focus on the good it can bring us And Just Like That…. This continuation is an opportunity to portray the worries, instincts and miseries of a group of women who are already 50 years old. Despite the fact that television has evolved a lot in the portrait of women in the ten years that have passed since we saw the characters for the last time, Hollywood is still not very interested in telling the experiences of the ladies (blessed ladies). I can’t say no to a junction The First Wives Club and Sex in New York. We may not have Kim Cattrall, but it’s thinking about possible signings like Sharon Stone, Jane Krakowski, Marisa Tomei, Angela Basset, Salma Hayek O Vanessa Williams… And start salivating. I choose to believe.


Javier Zurro: Nostalgia, remove your dirty hands from ‘Sex and the City’

'Sex in New York' was everything at the time.

‘Sex in New York’ was everything at the time.


Enough of nostalgia. We are sick of it. We are not capable of taking a step forward without thinking that any time before was better. And of course, in the end what happens happens, that we are trying to recreate the past in any way possible. The cinema saw the vein of nostalgia years ago, and began to rescue sagas and hits from the 80s and 90s to give them a ‘spin’. Understand turn as squeeze the goose that lays the golden eggs until there are none more.

Through the nostalgia machine they passed Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, Baywatch, next year will come Top Gun… until Youth and Witches had an attempt to profit from this fashion. What to tell J.J. Abrams if nostalgia sells, he has been taking advantage of them in movies like Super 8 and in its chapters of the saga Star Wars. On television it took a little longer, but now they are throwing it away. First was the success of Stranger Things, a series that takes advantage with very little dissimulation of any eighties success to scratch viewers. Now it’s time to recover finished series trying to reunite the original cast.

Saved by the Bell, Friends, Punky Brewster, The Prince of Bel Air… all of them had already announced that they would continue decades later. Each one with a different approach. The first as fiction that recovers the original characters, with the grace of seeing Zack Morris y Kelly Kapowski treading the corridors of Bayside High School again. The last as a meeting of the actors that has already been sold as a tearful tribute to the beginning of the career of Will Smith. Fashion has not skipped our country, where after the reunion of Physics or Chemistry they already prepare the one of The protected.

Those who thought they would get rid of this fashion would be precisely them, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda y Charlotte, the girls of Sex in New York. And not because no platform was in the mood, but because I thought they had learned after those two infamous sequels in the form of films that almost ended the legacy of one of the most important fictions in the history of television.

“Right now those four scumbags complaining about affairs are even reactionary. Michaela Coel from Could Destroy You takes them and slaps them quickly.”

no matter who likes it Sex in New York It was one of those series that made history and influenced many that came later. We had never seen four women talk about sex like they did. Four empowered women who dared to turn many fictional roles upside down. Yes, in the end they were all looking for the love of their life and the outcome proved their detractors right, but make no mistake, what they did was radical. Even now it is difficult to find such fresh and unprejudiced series. On top of that it was hilarious.

It seems that Sarah Jessica Parker y Michael Patrick King They don’t think like me, and they’ve decided to squeeze the franchise a little more, to see if they can get it to stop giving juice. A bet that is irrelevant, that nobody asked for and that will only serve to finish sinking the memory. Because, although they were revolutionary then, right now those four pijazas complaining about love affairs are even reactionary. The Michaela Coel of Could destroy you and he slaps them that quickly awakens them.

If the project is already unattractive, add that the most important and feminist character of all will not be there: Samantha Jones. The fights of Kim Catrall and Sarah Jessica Parker had been solved other times with a checkbook, but this time not even money has made it possible for Katrall to return to the only character who could give a little air to this unnecessary continuation. It is scary to think what comes to mind to replace it. This fashion has to stop. Nostalgia, keep your dirty hands off my favorite series or I won’t have any left.

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