The riots and looting in Barcelona leave damages valued at almost 900,000 euros

The imprisonment of Pablo Hasél continues to generate indignation in a part of Spanish society, and yesterday demonstrations in favor of his release were organized again in many cities in Spain.

This past Sunday night, February 21, there were new altercations, looting and some police charges in Barcelona. Hundreds of people took to the streets again to demand the release of rapper Pablo Hasél. This time there were no hand-to-hand clashes between the protesters and the police.

Most of the arrests took place on Paseo de Gracia

Vandalism continues to rampage in the streets of Barcelona, ​​as some buildings such as the Barcelona Stock Exchange or the Palau de la Música came to be attacked. Only the damage from last Saturday is valued at 130,000 euros, since Tuesday 900,000 euros and not counting what was stolen in the looting.

Merchants and businessmen demand help from the Generalitat de Catalunya, more police crews, since they need to stop adding losses due to violence. This last night on the Rambla de Catalunya, the violent people carried out acts of vandalism, which have also taken place on the Paseo de Gracia.

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