The emergency services are currently dealing with a "very heavy" individual vehicle collision in North Dorset.

The Wimborne Road in Blandford was closed after the accident with a car at 16 clock.

The incident took place near the Ashley Wood Golf Club and motorists are urged to avoid the area.

Police, fire and ambulance are present.

A Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Department spokesman said: "We are currently present at 16.3 in a single car accident after a call.

"Two Blandford and Wimborne devices are in attendance."

The police from Dorset said they had been called by the fire department to the incident.

A spokesperson said, "We are dealing with a very heavy collision of individual vehicles near the Ashley Wood Golf Club along Wimborne Road in Blandford.

"The road has been closed, please avoid the area, thank you for your understanding."

A spokesperson for a South Western Ambulance Service Foundation trust said, "SWASFT was called after a road collision at 4:15 pm We sent several ambulance teams on-site."