The Roman houses ________________ (not) like Celtic houses. Celtic houses _________________ very

order the words to make questions then answer
1. classmates / mobile phones / class / you / and / in / do / your / use / your
2. Photos / does / a / f

riend / of / your / post / best / lot

the table that says the statement is like this verb + -ing form | verb to infinitive | enjoy

Rewrite each sentence in passive a: They threw a lot of garbage into the sea last year b: Exhaust gases from cars pollute the atmosphere c: The…

motorcycles with speakers annoy a lot of people d: They have introduced a new recycling scheme e: Factories are pumping scheme f: They are going to build a new airport here next year

[tex] sqrt{81} [/tex]​

what__(do) ir You__(see) a ghost?​

1 translate the following sentences into English and write in the following lines in English the same sentence using the: present (to be), past (was / were …

) and simple future (will) She is in the airport She is in the airport (present) She was in the airport (past) She will be in the airport (future) Does he have a red car?

hello I have 2 spaces and I have 5 words, there are 3 sentences left over … what is the order in the line … passive voice: modalsgraciasss-Why aren’t you using your …

motorcycle, Mike?- The mechanic said it shouldn’t_____until riddenbeen riddenis fixedridefixes​

ACTIVITY ONE: TO LISTEN AND COMPLETEcame backwas having lunch’d forgottenhad parkedhad stolen itstole1.-Carol: Guess w hat? Someone__________my new bi

ke yesterday!Milo: Oh, no! what happened?Carol: well, 1__________ with a friend, and I__________it on the street, just like Ialways do. When lI guess I__________to lock it up.Milo: that’s terrible! Did you report the theft to the police?Carol: yes, 1 did. I also listed it on that site for stolen bikes. But I doubt I’ll ever get it back.​

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Choose 2 occupations and write 5 comparative sentences in English

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