MECHANICSBURG, Pennsylvania (WHTM) – Recreational marijuana supporters held a paramount position among their peers, but the opinions of both sides were strong.

The word "Gateway" was thrown around all night. Russ Matthews, who has been working in the drug and alcohol industry for 30 years, said "Gateway" is a false buzzword.

"If you want to talk about gateway drugs, we talk about cigarettes, tobacco, and alcohol," he said.

Another expert is not so sure about the legalization of marijuana.

"So far, it has not been explored what this means for the developing brain," said Gail Viscome, a member of the Commonwealth Prevention Alliance and managing director of Elizabethtown Area Communities That Care.

Governor John Fetterman, (D-PA), host of the event, has made it clear that he legalizes recreational marijuana, but he does not talk on this tour – he just listens. He said that the records of each meeting will be published.

"We will present our results to the governor, and we will make it available to the people of Pennsylvania, and you will be able to click on each county and see the meeting, this appeal," Fetterman said.