The RoRo line in Turkey of the Port of Tarragona expands its European radius of action with three new trains

The Tarragona Port will start new rail services with the center of the peninsula, Antwerp and Ludwigshafen

The RoRo line that connects the Tarragona Port with Turkey begins to generate new intermodal services

The route operator claims the railway highway to Tarragona to link with the rest of Europe

Within the framework of the II Rail Day, the General Director of Freight of the Ekol Group, Alfio Centocinque, announced the new intermodal services that the line of goods rolled with the port of Izmir in Turkey will add to the existing ones. Alfio explained that “the interest in Tarragona is enormous on the part of a market that exists.”

The person in charge of Ekol Logistics 4.0 has taken advantage of his intervention in the round table on Rail Highways of the 2nd edition of Rail Day to announce the launch of three services by train with the center of the peninsula, Antwerp (Belgium) and Ludwigshafen (Germany ).

The first train to enter service, scheduled for May this year, is the one that will link the Port of Tarragona with Azuqueca de Henares (Madrid). The other two planned trains will link the Port with two important logistics nodes in northern Europe, Antwerp and Ludwigshafen. The route in Antwerp is scheduled to become operational in a period of two months while the route with Germany has not yet defined a date.

In this sense, the Ekol General Director of Goods has taken the opportunity to claim before ADIF the need to connect Tarragona with the European rail motorway to enhance the competitiveness of the Port of Tarragona and its hinterland. The synergies created with the new maritime line with Turkey have led the route operator, Ekol Logistics 4.0, to claim the rail highway to Tarragona to be able to operate with P400 trains (semi-trailers up to 4 meters high). This type of wagons allow the direct loading of the ICUs to the train and save about one ton of carbon dioxide for semi-trailers and travel.

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The RoRo service is growing at a good pace

During the last weeks the RoRo service with Turkey has been increasing in the number of UTIS (Individual Transport Units). During the month of March, the first most complete to perform the service, a total of 1,423 UTIS were imported and exported.

In the coming weeks, an increase in this figure is expected thanks to the new rail services and the improvement of the service itself thanks to the experience acquired. During the last week, 197 UTIS were imported in a single trip from Izmir, representing a cargo of 94% of the maximum capacity of the service.

The operation for this new service begins with the ship’s departure from Turkey on Sundays and its arrival in Tarragona two and a half days later, on Tuesday night, enabling the goods to arrive at the logistics facilities in the interior of the Peninsula on Wednesday first thing. The way in reverse is done by collecting the goods at any point in the State until Wednesday afternoon and delivering to any point in Turkey on Monday.

This service makes Tarragona the mainland port with the fastest connection with Turkey, under 3 days, and since it is a ro-ro connection, it allows to achieve extremely competitive and agile door-to-door times.

A transport for the future, a sustainable means

The commitment of the Port of Tarragona is clear for intermodality to optimize the logistics chain and be able to offer a better service to its customers, both from an economic and sustainability point of view.

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The Port is a leader in the Mediterranean and is consolidated as one of the entry and exit doors for goods in Europe. It maintains a line with sixty countries through regular maritime lines that it has established with ports around the world. The Port is the door of Tarragona in the world.

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