The Royal Theater ensures that there has been no outbreak of Covid during the rehearsals of ‘Peter Grimes’

The Royal Theater ensures that there has been no outbreak of Covid during the rehearsals of ‘Peter Grimes’

Faced with the news published by the newspaper ABC, citing as a source a “legal representation of the Royal Theater choir” (managed by the external company Intermezzo), according to which the reason for the delay in the premiere of the opera Peter Grimes It has been due to the fact that almost a score of people involved in it had given positivo by Covid-19, the aforementioned theater has issued the following statement:

“The opera rehearsals Peter Grimes, the long-awaited montage of the play by Benjamin Britten with stage direction by Deborah Warner and musical by Ivor Bolton, continues apace on the stage of the Teatro Real, where the world premiere of this production will take place on April 19.

In this new co-production with the Royal Opera House, the Opéra national de Paris, the Teatro de la Opera di Roma and the Teatro Real, more than 250 people participate who, since last March 3, have been routinely performed , several times a week, PCR and antigen tests according to health protocols.

Through the established tracking and monitoring measures, it is confirmed that there has been no outbreak in the Teatro Real and that the infections have been isolated cases from personal or family environments. Possible positive cases have been immediately isolated and closely monitored. This has been determined by both the Community of Madrid and the Chiron Prevention Service.

This Prevention Society expressly says that, “by not simultaneously producing close contacts with the established cases that finally have positive CRP, it is understood that they are unrelated and therefore no outbreak can be declared”, in the case of infections outside the Royal Theater.

The Royal Theater has established that all the people who are in the production carry out their rehearsals with a mask and it has been arranged that at lunches they sit at individual tables.

This premiere had a first postponement, from April 8 to 13, due to the restrictions on mobility imposed by the pandemic and Brexit, and, finally, it will take place on April 19, in order to achieve the highest artistic quality with full health security ”.

In its information, ABC assures that four of the twelve soloists, nine choristers and an unknown number of members of the orchestra and the technical staff of the theater (in total, about twenty, of the approximately one hundred that intervene in the production of Peter Grimes), had tested positive and that, therefore, the choir tests had to be canceled on March 17 for a week, after performing antigen tests on its members and verifying that they could be facing a health emergency situation.


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