The school uniforms reached the street style: word of influencers

The publication of the first photos of the reboot of Gossip Girl revolutionized all those fashionistas, who cannot wait to meet the new looks zentenialls from this iconic fashionista series. As Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf demonstrated thirteen years ago, school uniforms Personalized labels are once again distinctive insignia and authentic style statements. It just takes a little attitude.

Custom school uniforms reaffirm your prominence.By: Gossip Girl

His background genderless and egalitarian Not only did it boost her popularity but also ensured her triumph among the industry’s most influential international style prescribers. The preppy aesthetic with a slight retro twist is back (stronger than ever), under the leadership of specific garments such as checkered skirts, Scottish blazers, white shirts and even ties in a minimal key.

Hand in hand with the catwalks and street style experts, these timeless outfits embody school guidelines and incorporate shocking accessories such as headbands or luxury mini bags. One of the most vivid examples is the Dior Fall-Winter 2021 show, where the cast of supermodels paired knitted sweaters with board skirts and knee-length white socks. A formula inspired by the 70s that is part of this naive micro-trend.

It is comeback totally unexpected fuses ostentation and luxury with childish winks, resulting in romantic but groundbreaking outfits. The options are endless and adapt to each individual style, while leaving open the possibility of adding contrasting and highly personal accessories.

Another of his references is the pichi o gardener, considered an irreplaceable part of many female school uniforms. Or the patent leather loafers in black or brown, which are crowned as the most sought-after footwear of recent seasons. Proof of this are the iconic mules, a simple and narrow version that conquered figures like Meghan Markle Y Olivia Palermo.

Third, padded coats They make their return in robe format, claiming an extra amount of elegance given by the shiny effect of their satin fabrics. In the purest retro style, they are installed as the ideal coats to face the changing temperatures of the “mid-season”.

Rodebjer presents its version in mustard color.
Rodebjer presents its version in mustard color.By: Instagram / @ rodebjer

Some of the new added details that remind us of school days are the bib neck, the printed patch appliqués and the short-sleeved versions. It’s time to dig up your school uniform and relive your most memorable childhood moments.

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