A woman driving a scooter died after being hit by a truck in southwest London.

The crash occurred just after 8.30 am on Friday at Queen's Circus roundabout in Battersea. The 30-year-old victim was declared dead at the scene.

A city police spokeswoman said her closest relatives had not been informed yet. There were no arrests.

A spokeswoman for the London Rescue Service said: "We sent an advanced paramedic, two ambulance crews, a dispatcher and two paramedics in cars to the scene, with the first of our paramedics arriving in less than four minutes. Unfortunately, despite the extensive efforts of medical professionals, a woman died on the spot. "

After the incident, several roads were closed, including Chelsea Bridge and Nine Elms Lane.

Transport for London and the Wandsworth City Council have redesigned the roundabout in 2015. In this case, increased curbs and separate traffic lights were used to ensure the separation of cyclists and vehicles at intersections. However, there was concern that the new layout was too complicated.

A cyclist was killed at the roundabout last July after being hit by a garbage truck.