Bear Gryll's Treasure Island

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Irene Cattanach was 51 years older than the youngest candidate on Treasure Island with Bear Grylls

A Scottish great-grandmother who is afraid of water is the oldest candidate for a new reality show on an uninhabited desert island.

Irene Cattanach, 75, of Perthshire, faced Bear Grylls with Boa Constrictors and Tarantulas during the filming of the Channel 4 survival show Treasure Island.

She was reported as a joke to the show by her granddaughter, who claimed to have "deleted" the form.

Now she hopes her TV appearance will inspire other older women.

Irene from Aberfeldy was one of twelve Castaways struggling to survive on the remote Pacific Island.

She was 51 years older than the youngest participant in the show, in which she fought for a share of 100,000 pounds.

The biggest challenge, however, was the water.

"I was thrown into the water, I'm not swimming and I'm scared of water – especially of sea water, with all those high waves crashing around – it was awful," she said.

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The participants had the chance to win a share of 100,000 pounds

She told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland that the whole thing started as a joke on her granddaughter Lucy – who filled in an application for the show on her behalf and then "put it out".

Irene said, "I did not know until I got a call from [production company] Say that we really liked your application and I'm leaving … really? ".

"Do not forget it's an island – I do not swim and I do not like water, least of all the sea – I have to arrange with Lucy, I'll bring her back."

& # 39; It was wonderful & # 39;

Irene is the oldest contestant ever to appear on the show – but said her age has often been to her advantage.

She said, "I just felt that those others on the team might see me as a mother or grandmother and were quite willing to take care of me.

"But I wanted to do the same as them – I was just on this island fighting for survival to hunt, and I wanted to do that, but I think they tried to protect me."

Despite the challenge of surviving on the island, she said it was a great vacation.

She added, "It was wonderful, I loved all those scary creepy-crawlies – each one was a pet – and I would recommend it as a holiday, it does not cost much, you have the beach and the water, you have to go through all the jungle, beautiful ,

"I just hope it's an inspiration to some of these older ladies, go out and do it!"