The Scottish leader presses for the deputy who traveled with COVID-19 to resign

London, Oct 11 (EFE) .- The chief minister of the Scottish Government, Nicola Sturgeon, insisted today that the former deputy of her party, Margaret Ferrier, who traveled in September, must resign her seat in the British House of Commons between Glasgow (Scotland) and London when I had symptoms of COVID-19.

Speaking to Sky News’s “Sophie Ridge on Sunday” program, the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) said that Ferrier, who is an independent MP after being suspended from membership in the SNP, must “leave Parliament” .

“It is unacceptable that someone in his position so flagrantly ignored the rules and I cannot be clearer, it is not acceptable and he must resign,” Sturgeon said, after the person concerned has declared that she intends to remain in her position.

Ferrier stated in an interview published this Sunday by the “Scottish Sun” newspaper that he wishes to continue serving his voters in the Scottish constituency of Rutherglen and Hamilton West, who, he says, have expressed their support for him.

She explains that her poor performance between September 26 and 29, for which she has apologized, was due to the virus clouding her sense and made her behave “strangely”, because “you are not concentrating.”

On Saturday, September 26, Ferrier experienced mild symptoms and took a COVID-19 test, but on Monday, September 28, he felt better and traveled by train to Parliament in London to participate in a debate precisely about the coronavirus, he says.

That same Monday, he received a positive test result, “panicked” and on Tuesday, September 29, took a train back to Glasgow, where he isolated himself for fourteen days, he says.

On September 30, she reported her positive result to the SNP, which later stripped her of her membership and asked her to leave her seat, and on October 1 she contacted the Police, which is investigating the events.

Sturgeon was very critical when Dominic Cummings, the main adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, bypassed restrictions between March and April when he was suffering from COVID-19, although he did not resign due to the support of his boss, despite the enormous political pressure.

The Scottish leader tries to settle the episode with Ferrier so that it does not affect compliance with regulations in Scotland, after new restrictions were imposed on Friday in cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh, which include the closure of “pubs” and restaurants for at minus two weeks. EFE

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