Roger Federer commented on his season. The Swiss said: "My year was very good, it would have been incredible if I had won Wimbledon or maybe the World Tour Final at the end of the year, but it was not so, I could still win four titles besides the Hopman Cup and The Laver Cup, which was fantastic in Geneva with Sascha (Zverev) and the whole team, has already had a great time there, so it's important for me to be healthy and to feel like competing with the best, as if I were Defeating Novak in London was something very special after the hard fights I had against him in the past.

The semi-final against Rafa (Nadal) at Wimbledon was something special after all the hard games we played against each other. So I am very happy with my level of play and have always had to work hard to find new ways to make life difficult for young people. "

Simon Ammann spoke about his comeback in the competition after injury. Ammann was asked if he would like his career to last longer than Roger Federer's. "It can not be," he said. "That's why tennis is great.

You can prepare for important events. Even if the breaks in the season even for Roger will be too short. It is not the moment to do big projects. After my severe relapse in 2015, the most important thing to return to was. I think I can go on and hope my level is higher than last year. "