The second beta of macOS 11.3 is now available for developers

Apple just released the second beta version of macOS Big Sur 11.2. After the arrival of the beta versions of the rest of the operating systems, several of them with interesting new features, it is the turn of the Mac. The operating system that gives life to our computers continues the development of what will be an update that should arrive this spring.

Beta 2: setting the news

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Before the presentation of macOS 12 in June of this year there are still space for one or two more versions of macOS 11.x, like the one we are currently dealing with. This update should not bring more news than we already saw appear in the previous version. Recall that it was in the first beta where support for the HomePods in stereo mode, new repair menus, more options for Safari and more.

Therefore, this update should focus on improving performance and finishing polishing the arrival of the new features that we have mentioned. Remember that macOS 11 Big Sur is the first ARM operating system to work on Macs with M1So, even if Apple tests it extensively before launch, there is still room for improvements, even if they are invisible to the user.

The update, only available to developers, does not have any noticeable changes and will surely focuses on polishing a specific mistake before the arrival of the final version that should arrive next week.

As always, it is important to remember that, although we can install this update on our Macs, it is still a Beta version. Although it is a second version of the final version already presented to the public, it still contains some other errors so it should not be installed on computers of daily use.

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If we are already within the beta cycle, we will find the update in System preferences as an OTA update. During the first hours, Apple’s servers can receive more demand than usual, so the waiting time can be longer.

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