Reality star Fern McCann opened Love Island millionaire Charlie Brake and explained why a relationship with him would never work.

The latest insights into her life as a single mother in ITVBe's Ferne McCann show: For the first time, Mum, viewers will be treated to a prestigious dinner with their meeting with Charlie.

The 28-year-old was just preparing for her big night when she was meeting Charlie, hoping to get more than a cheeky wink.

As far as Charlie met

With an open lilac suit, Ferne was pleased with what she had shown and said, "My tits look phenomenal, they look really decent."

When she was taken to the event, Ferne was always enthusiastic about what she had blessed, and would give the audience almost more than one eye.

She shouted, "Look at these bad guys, I have a naughty chicken fillet."

Ferne was excited to meet Charlie

Ferne said she was "excited to see him," now that she was back on the dating scene.

After an awkward meeting with Love Island, the hopeful Eyal Booker, it was time for the main event.

It did not start well, with Ferne, who was not impressed with his snake skin-inspired jacket, that was "exaggerated."

Charie's thoughts were elsewhere

By the time they were on a table and ready for dinner, she seemed to be overlooking when Charlie spent time "talking to Mario about cars", which was branded from a distance, "damn boring".

Charlie seemed to have one thing in mind, two things, and it was not the chicken fillets.

He said remotely that he would like to take her off, and that was all before he asked her for a date.

There was a big reason why it would not work

The audience called out the 23-year-old reality star on Twitter and burned it out "cool" and wrinkled.

Even so, Reborn Virgo "Distant" was totally flattered that I was asked to date, so I returned my mojo. "

With Charlie seeming to find a way to get into the bedroom quickly, Ferne repeated that she wanted to "take it easy," and here was a huge stumbling block over any future together.

Distant says it all

With viewers calling on the distance to stay single, there was a big reason why any relationship with Charlie was doomed to failure.

Farewell daughter Sunday, who was born in November 2017, is now her most important consideration, and she said that any dating would have to fit the parents of her child.

In a tearful moment, Ferne admitted, "It's just my world, it's my priority, any further decision I make when I go together, I have to think about both of us."

There was no chance that she and Charlie would flower something more permanent.

Charlie's actions were not from a person who wanted to settle down, as it seemed more and more in his head to get notches on her bedpost.

It's no wonder it never went beyond one or two sassy dates.

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