The Segway APEX H2 is a hybrid electric-hydrogen motorcycle with 400 km of autonomy

Despite the fact that in the world of two wheels it seems that it has become clear that hybrid or hydrogen systems were out of the question, Xiaomi he wanted to go against the current with the presentation of a rather ambitious project. It’s about the Segway APEX H2. An electric motorcycle equipped with a hydrogen looking to take advantage of the benefits of both systems.

The idea is to mount a powerful electric motor, powered by a lithium battery that is responsible for feeding a motor of 60 kW (82 CV) capable of driving it up to 100 km / h in just 4 seconds and at a maximum speed of 150 km / h. Therefore we are not talking precisely about a low-performance model.

For its part, the hydrogen system of which they have not yet offered an estimated autonomy, giving only the data that it will consume 1 gram of hydrogen per kilometer. That means that with a small deposit of 400 grams, you can travel between 300 and 400 kilometers with each charge, being able to recover autonomy quickly in a hydrogeneration.

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