The series for the movie “Love, Simon” will soon also be shown in Germany

The coming-out film “Love, Simon” was THE cinema surprise in 2018. In June 2020, the long-awaited spin-off series of the queer cult film was launched in the USA with “Love, Victor”.

Now Disney + is also announcing the series on its German streaming platform.

That’s what it’s about

The ten-part series also tells the coming-out story of a high school student who is called Victor here and is played by Michael Cimino (22). He too moves to Atlanta with his parents and, like Simon, goes to “Creekwood High”.

Of course, he has all the problems, big and small, that a teenager who moves to a new city has: making new friends at a new school, stress with the family and, in Victor’s case, dealing with his sexual orientation, what for is also a challenge for gay teenagers.

It comes, as it must: Victor develops feelings for his classmate Benji (George Sear) and quickly realizes that he is overwhelmed with this situation. He then turned to Simon Spier (Nick Robinson), the character from the movie who caused a sensation at the school with his coming out.

Start is on February 23rd

So far, “Love, Victor” has only been shown on the US streaming provider Hulu. Now the streaming service Disney +, which started in June 2020, has announced that it will expand its offer on February 23, 2021 – with a new area called “Star”. The series will finally be available there for German viewers.

► “Star”, like “Disney”, “Marvel”, “Star Wars” and “National Geographic” is part of the subscription.

The series can already be seen in the announcements on the social channels.

But that’s not all: 1000 new episodes of many successful series will then also be shown on the new themed channel, including all seasons of “Desperate Housewives”, “Family Guy” and “How I Met Your Mother”.

“Star” is also supposed to include 1000 new films in its program (“Die Hard”, “Logan – The Wolverine”) and, after a few initial difficulties, has become a strong competitor of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co.

Disney + is increasing its subscription prices

If you take out a subscription BEFORE February 23, you can get Disney + for 6.99 euros (per month) or an annual subscription for 69.99 euros. Thereafter, the prices increase by 2 euros per month to 8.99 euros or 89.99 euros for the annual subscription.

And one more piece of good news at the end: All fans of “Love, Victor” can be happy. A second season is already being planned.

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