The last Sunday of the Valley of the Moon Winery was full of motherhood and happiness as Jack London Yacht Club community councils presented money grants across the valley. About 100 people attended the event, enjoying chilled Chardonnay on the sunlit terrace of one of the oldest wineries in the Madrone Road valley in Glen Ellen.

The JLYC is an organization of volunteers that supports local nonprofit organizations and public institutions and builds community through fundraising activities. Their biggest event is the jack-to-jack mini sailboat race on Sonoma Creek when the water is high in April. Mini snarks are ridden on Sonoma Creek, accompanied by wet people in kayaks. As announced, next April's race will be shorter and there will be more kayak escorts to clear the boats away from the weeds along the shore. Donations from the first race last April were granted to the recipients at this fun event.

Diligent followers were awarded several prizes. (See list below).

Much of the amusement came from Tom and Dick Smothers. If you are under 40, this may be meaningless. But this comedy act was part of a big change in American culture about 50 years ago. These two modest boys were the first in a parade of entertainers who used their platform to talk about the world around them. Her comedy act – half folk music, half comedy, half political commentary – expressed a wave of youthful rebellion. The two were friendly and approachable, handing the receivers approval checks as they made their joking, quarrelsome and fraternal comments.

Tom Smothers came down to the valley a few decades ago, perhaps looking for an oasis off the rat race. He searched for a plot of land where he could plant a vineyard and found a beautiful ridge on Warm Springs Road, not far from Morton's Warm Springs. He called it Remick Ridge after his grandfather Ed Remick had searched for the property with him. His two children Bo Smothers and Riley Rose Smothers grew up there. Dick Smothers settled in Sarasota, Florida, but the brothers often travel together. They have just returned from New York, where they were inducted into the National Comedy Hall of Fame.

They joked when the scholarships of Deputy Commodore Ana Dominguez were distributed to the following people:

Glen Ellen forum for city beautification, a communal meal, more

KSVY 91.3 FM Radio in Sonoma for a second transmitter for the radio station

Marine Conservation Institute to support their student mentors and interns

Pets Lifeline in Sonoma for a children's literacy program

Glen Ellen Kenwood Rotary Shadow Construction Club in Shaw Park

Sonoma Ecology Center for Summer Camp Scholarships

Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance supports mentors from Dunbar School

Teen Services Sonoma for Kitchen Improvements

Transcendence Theater for their Arts and Values ​​program

Sonoma Ecology Center for the Sonoma Creek Stream Flow Stewardship

Glen Ellen Fire Department for a smaller fire engine for narrow mountain roads

Glen Ellen Fair for folding tables for Village Fair

Glen Ellen Historical Society for a Community Museum