The Siege – The Mandalorian – Spoiler Time

It’s friday and Baby Yoda he knows! We have a new episode of The Mandalorian and surely the fans of Star Wars are very happy with this week, right?

In the previous episode we saw I send already The Child undertake the journey to find Ahsoka Tano, but, as we said last week, the Razor Crest had seen better days. In the midst of the vastness of space, the good ship of This Djarin stops working and, even though I send puts his best man to repair itBaby Yodaof course, who else?), the results are not as desired. That is why I send makes the decision to make a technical stop in Snow so that you can leave your ship in the hands of people you trust: Cara Dune Y Greef Karga.

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Everyone is very happy to see each other again and Snow It has really blossomed since we last saw it. Cara Dune is now the bailiff of the place, while Greef Karga is dedicated to the most political part, along with Mythrol (whom we remember as the recipient of the phrase that launched This Djarin: “I can bring you in warm… Or I can bring you in cold“), Who is paying his debts with work. As I send you will have to wait a long time for the repairs to the Razor Crest, Greef Karga Y Cara Dune They see an opportunity to add him to a mission to dismantle the last remaining Imperial base in Snow. Supposedly, the base is nearly empty of soldiers, but brimming with weaponry they need to destroy before the black market sets its eye there and disaster strikes.

For what I send can join the mission, they must first find a good place to drop off Baby Yoda. And what better than the old bar destroyed in the first season, now converted into a school with a droid teacher? Children are touched when they see Baby Yoda (Who doesn’t?), But even so and all his closest bank companion does not seem willing to treat our little jedi a macaron of the many that he has in his package. Sure, we all know the powers and gluttony of The Child, who decides to use force to steal the package and eat in the most adorable way that can exist in this world and in any other.

With Baby Yoda insured, Mando, Cara Dune, Greef Karga Y Mythrol they head to the imperial base and this is where this episode’s journey turns wonderful and reminds us of the best of Star Wars. Of course, the base was not as unprotected as it was led to believe I send, but fortunately our hero is accompanied by two other well characters badass and … well, for Mythrol, who is quite scared but fulfills his role. They face a good deal of Stormtroopers while they try to reach the control room where they can turn off the cooling of the place and let it flood with lava, achieving its total destruction.

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Once they get the cooling off and have a few minutes to escape before disaster, They discover that the famous base is nothing more than a laboratory. There, through a hologram sent by the Dr. Pershing (who we also met in the first season), we learn that the blood sample that was taken from Baby Yoda they used it for transfusions, trying to create clones with high amounts of midichlorians. Fortunately, the attempt failed (the test subjects did not resist) and, according to Pershing, you need more blood from the donor (i.e. Baby Yoda) in order to continue investigating. Who was this message for? TO Moff Gideon, of course, and that’s how I send finds out that his enemy is still alive and probably still chasing Baby Yoda. Protective father that he is, Mando flies out of the base to rescue his little boy, leaving Dune, Karga Y Mythrol to get the job done.

Of course, they do, after a battle against a few Stormtroopers aboard speedsters and then against some hunting ships TIE, that end up being defeated by the brand new Razor Crest that, now, it looks like new. The episode seems to end in joy, until we learn that the trusted mechanics of Greef Karga they implanted a tracker Razor Crest and now Moff Gideon you can follow the steps of I send Y The Child.

In Snow, the forces of New republic they are present and they seem suspicious of Greef Karga when you ignore the Razor Crest who is supposed to have landed in his city, but also share a moment with Cara Dune, whom they recognize as a survivor of Alderaan and they want to recover for the fight. Way refuses, but the Captain Carson Teva (who we already saw in the Chapter 10) leaves him a badge that seems to promise collaborations between the two.

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