Now is the time to speak, to speak, or the oppressor will eventually accept your silence as consent to your annihilation

The silence of the damned

By not contradicting, we commit ourselves to the accelerated destruction of our habitat, our country

Rosalyn D "Mello" width = "120" height = "60" data-original = " someone who was raised Catholic and immersed in the basic condition of the New Testament; Love your neighbor as yourself, which also means doing good to those who hurt you. Hatred does not come by itself. It is easy to say casually that I hate something or someone, but because I was so focused on seeking humanity among those who seem to illustrate evil, it is hard not to put too much into it and No apologies to justify their suppression. Again and again I argue for a subversive brand of political consciousness based on love. Love for oneself, love for those who are different, love for those responsible for their otherness; and often I feel challenged by the mystery of self-assertion and empowerment and its relationship to humility and distress. I think that's why I am attracted to the political activism of moral intellectuals like Cornel West and Bell Hooks, who preach the inseparable bond between love and justice and bring spirituality firmly into the realm of activist thinking. Justice is loud West, as love in public looks. "To be an intellectual really means telling a truth that allows suffering to speak," he said.

How, then, do you meaningfully celebrate 73 years of Indian independence when an entire territory is explicitly colonized under the guise of a nation? Last week, the postcolonized Indian Republic officially adopted the colonizer's mantra, including propaganda rhetoric, to justify their claim to a land without taking into account popular consent. It had been more concealed so far. So far, the "colonizing colonization project" of the Indian state in the northeast has been disguised in countries that it has occupied under the void of a "liberation mission," such as Goa. So far, addressing the militarization of vulnerable regions and fleeing grave atrocities through the veil of the violent AFSPA has been permitted through public inaction.

What has changed last week is that the current ruling party has declared war on the Constitution, which has confirmed the existence of that nation. The cruel, controversial and cruel way in which the Indian government has supported (and continues to support) human rights violations in order to subjugate a whole population to the alleged justification of their "own good" must be condemned, regardless of whether or not you do so support or not repeal Article 370. The fact that the murderers of Pehlu Khan were acquitted by the court despite plausible evidence of their conviction must also be condemned. If you live by the sword, you will die after the sword. a Catholic faith that shares an ethos with the Hindu notion of karma. If you truly believe that you continue to have the privilege of being in the mobilizing majority without ever becoming a victim of the mob mentality that inevitably persists, you are wrong. Because power does not distinguish too long between levels of vulnerability. The energy comes from the constant discovery of classes that need to be suppressed.

I read a strong tweet from someone today headed by @anthoknees: "Just to be clear, if someone supports a political candidate who seeks to eradicate you, he also supports your extermination, no matter how interpersonally They want you dead structurally. "

It has really evoked in me the already reinforced feeling that a government whose political, religious and personal rhetoric is blatantly imbued with undertones of rape culture will not be able to entrust the well-being of anyone, not even their strongest supporters, to their claim to power always relying on the forced suppression of any form of dissent and crossing lines so that everyone will end up with blood on their hands and every backer involved in the bloodshed.

That is why it is important to accept this challenge through the lens of feminism and not through the tired expression of party politics. It's not about which political party for the lowest common denominator within this collective entity, which we call a nation, is truly invested in a viable future. None of the current competitors have the moral weight to bring about real change. This is about the bigger picture. This is what Ser Davos says in an episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones. "If we do not set our hostilities aside and band together, we will die, and then it does not matter whose skeleton sits on the iron throne." By not contradicting, we commit ourselves to the accelerated destruction of our habitat, our country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared for his supporters on the Discovery Channel show "Man vs Wild" to allegedly raise awareness about the environment. Well, here are the facts that were presented to us not by him, but by Rajyasree Sen. In Maharashtra, 53,000 mangrove trees are being felled for the high-speed train project In Uttarakhand, the center has launched a R12,000 crore project to improve road accessibility to four Hindu pilgrimage sites with significant environmental costs: Mod 2016 saw the construction of the Char Dham Mahamarg as Paying homage to the woodland started in Chattisgarh in the Kedarnath disaster of 2013 is destroyed so that Adani can build coal mines – the list is long and anything but illustr. "

Those who wish to fulfill the dream of Hindu Rashtra must ask themselves how this can be achieved when all threats have been eradicated – minorities, feminists, tribesmen, non-vegetarians, intellectuals – because they were simply washed away in a devastating flood Do you care if you consider or nurture the land you wanted to conquer?

Rosalyn D & # 39; Mello is a respected art critic and author of A Handbook For My Lover. She tweets @RosaParx Send feedback to

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