The sixth episode of season 2 of "Titans" introduced the world to Superboy / Conner Kent, performed by Joshua Orpin. With his trusty dog ​​Krypto by his side, Conner quickly became one of the most endearing characters in the series with his childish innocence and curiosity for the world. It also helps that he looks … well, great.

Superboy has made extravagant fashion choices in comics, including the upbeat Superman punky look he's sporting today, and we're delighted that the creators have decided not to use this show. Orpin's outfit is linked to Conner's casual style of normal blue pants and a simple black t-shirt with Superman's iconic "S" symbol printed in red on the front.

It's basically the same thing as the classic Superboy outfit of his stint in "Young Justice". (both the animated show and the original comics). In addition, as a bonus, it sounds like something that a normal teenager would wear to change.

Nolan North as Superboy in Young Justice (2010). (Ratings)

Despite the similarities in their appearances, this Kent Conner is not a gloomy teen with anger issues like the Superboy's "Young Justice". Mentally, this Conner is still a small child who is just beginning to learn about the world around him and the fact that he is not dressed in a full-fledged costume helps to shed light on this immaturity.

This is not a superhero, it's just a little boy who has superhuman powers. He does not try to impress anyone with a sophisticated cape or armor, he just needs new clothes.

The Titans have had this season of awesome and very detailed costumes that really put the design work of the series in the spotlight, but this minimalist and realistic outfit suited the character perfectly and we would not have done it other.

The next episode of "Titans" Season 2, titled "Bruce Wayne", will arrive on DC Universe on October 18th.

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