The smallest house in the UK is a hit for visitors and you can enter the bizarre house

The smallest house in the UK is one of the weird and wonderful places in the UK that are worth adding to your list if you are looking for alternatives to the major tourist centers.

Measuring only 72 inches wide, 122 inches high and 120 inches deep, you would think it would be easy to lose but the captivating house is painted a bright shade of red, making it stand out among the white buildings along the same road.

It is rather the historical point of the city – in fact, its rear wall is also part of the famous city walls.

The small mansion, also known as Quay House, is located in the picturesque town of Conwy in Wales, and was a residential home until 1900.

It has only two rooms; a bedroom and a living area, the latter offering some very simple cooking services.

At the time it was declared unsuitable for housing and was demolished, until the locals persuaded the owner to travel to the United Kingdom to declare it as the smallest house, thus transforming it into an unusual tourist attraction for the city.

The smallest house in the UK stands out for its bright red exterior
The small house stands out thanks to its bright red exterior

Today, the bizarre house is still owned by the family.

Often it’s a hit for visitors who head to Conwy to visit the nearby castle or explore the city – and with an inexpensive entrance fee of £ 1 per adult, 50 p per child, it’s worth a stop if you find yourself in the area.

A tour guide for the UK's smallest house greets guests outside
A tour guide for the UK’s smallest house greets guests outside

In fact, TripAdvisor reviews also tend to be quite positive. A visitor wrote: “It is not a place where you would spend hours and hours, it is just nice to see the little oddities of the United Kingdom. They ask for a donation of £ 1 (50 for a child). A lovely little stop for history.”

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Another verdict from the reviewer explained: “Great place to visit for 15 minutes, fascinating history, worth a visit. You will find it on the waterfront.”

The house is open to visitors from late March to November, but if you visit the sunniest days during the high season, you may have to face a short line; after all, the small house can only accommodate two or three visitors at a time.

You can find out more on the official website of the smaller house, including opening hours.


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