The smartwatch market isn’t just about Apple Watch

According to estimates by Counterpoint Research, Apple shipped 33.9 million smartwatches in 2020, making the Cupertino-based tech giant the clear leader in the smartwatch market. However, other brands are also beginning to be competition for the apple brand, including companies such as Samsung and Huawei.

According to the same report, Apple grew 19% in 2020 but it was not the company with the highest growth in the year, as Huawei achieved a growth of 26% and the sale of 11.1 million smart watches. Other companies that also appeared in the ranking were Samsung with 9.1 million units, BBK (Oppo, realme, OnePlus) with 6.6 million and Fitbit with 5.9 million watches sold.

Originally released in 2015, the Apple Watch is currently in its sixth generation, with each iteration getting a few new features, many of which have been geared towards health in recent years.

Despite US sanctions on Huawei recently spun off Honor, the gadget company was also successful, with shipments doubling from 2019. Other Chinese brands like Amazfit and Xiaomi also performed well, with a double digit growth, “says Sujeong Lim, Senior Analyst at Counterpoint.

Who added that the smartwatch market is being driven by three premium brands: Apple, Samsung and Huawei.

“We believe the trend will continue to increase over the next two to three years as the flagship models of these companies continue to lead. On the other hand, Apple’s success with its Watch SE model will likely prompt others like Samsung to launch similar variants, moving closer to the mass market. Over a period of three to four years, we see low-budget players like Oppo and realme gain a significant stake, intensifying general competition and driving prices down, “Lim said.

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