The solidarity story of the diver that Guardiola used against Arsenal

It is not the first time that the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich coach wears this outfit. Get to know the social cause that Catalan supports.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Pep Guardiola is happy with the present of Manchester City. His team beat Arsenal, has 18 consecutive victories in all competitions and is also the undisputed leader of the Premier League.

And precisely, in the visit to Emirates Stadium from London, the outfit used by the Catalan coach did not go unnoticed. Although it is not the first time he has done it, the DT used a diver with the legend “Open Arms”On the chest that caught everyone’s attention.

It is the name of a ONG Spanish that aims to rescue people who try to reach the European continent by water, in the context of the migratory crisis that Europe starred in for several years and that claims the lives of thousands of people each season.

Pep not only lends his image to support the ONG, in 2018 he also donated a sum close to $ 182,000 to the foundation. At that time, the money was used to recover the ship that had been seized by the Italian port authorities when it arrived at the port of Pozzallo with 218 immigrants. After the uproar generated by the economic help of the Catalan coach, the former Italian political leader, Giuseppe Conte, authorized immigrants to disembark and 5 European countries received them.

The last time that Guardiola used this diver was in a game last December before Newcastle. The rain did not allow Pep wear it during the meeting but did take advantage of the press conference to show it off.

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After having used it during the match against him Arsenal, “Open Arms”Turned Trending Topic in social networks, a situation that ONG took the opportunity to thank Pep and promote the sale of their divers and T-shirts, with which they raise funds.


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