DThe Brexit drama has taken so many turns in recent months that Netflix directors can only be jealous. The last coup happened on Thursday. Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar, the two heads of government from London and Dublin, met in a Tudor country house near Liverpool.

When they entered the estate, they could have counted on anything: throwing scones at each other, Johnson storming out in anger, and a wordlog from the Downing Street conversation immediately being punched out. Instead: Both suddenly saw the "road to a possible Brexit Deal".

This is now being negotiated, for the first time seriously, since Johnson is in office. The strongest sign of this is that virtually nothing was known about the content and scope of the talks. It is speculated that the negotiators are warming up an old May May idea, namely a customs partnership between the north and the south of the Irish island. They then belonged to different customs areas. However, the Northern Irish would control all shipments arriving at their ports and airports to EU standards.

The only clean solution

Officers would even levy customs duty on goods destined for the south on behalf of Brussels. The unnecessary controls at the Irish border. Nevertheless, the EU then rejected the proposal, for good reasons. Brussels can not simply cede the levying of customs duties, a sovereign task, to third parties. In addition, the goods path is hardly complete track, the smuggling door and gate would be open.

The only clean solution is a customs union between the European Union and Northern Ireland. Britain can then negotiate all the great trade deals the Tories are raving about. Northern Ireland, on the other hand, has been spared the economic turmoil that threatens the British Isles with Brexit. It could even boom: as the home of British companies who want to continue to freely travel with their customers in the EU.