The Sony Xperia Compact could already be in development


the range has been for five years Compact of the Sony Xperia it was one of the most desired among many users. Its small size and high-end performance were for a long time a great claim. Increasing the size of the screens wiped out this range several generations ago. Now the new trend imposed by Apple with the iPhone 12 Mini could turn the tables again.

The arrival of the iPhone 12 Mini could have resurrected interest in compact phones. Recall that the new Cupertino phone has a size of only 5.4 inch, which compared to the average of most models, what was once a large screen size is now very compact.

First information about a new Xperia Compact

The last phone in this range was the Xperia XZ2 Compact, launched in spring 2018. This phone had a 5 inch screen, which compared to the 5 or 5.7 that were carried in the largest mobiles was something quite compact. The new information that we have now known and that has been leaked by a Japanese leakster, points to the existence of a Compact Xperia model.

Sony Xperia Compact

He has also given details about how the screen would be, its size, since not only talking about a Compact model tells us a lot about this aspect. This information ensures that the size of the screen would be 5.5 inches, therefore half an inch more than the last of the Sony Compact. This would directly place it as a direct opponent of the iPhone 12 Mini, the phone that Apple sells with a 5.4-inch screen size.

Introducing a new processor

What is also discussed in this leak is a new processor that this phone would debut. It would presumably be the Snapdragon 775, the evolution of the current 765 and that would logically have 5G connectivity. The same information ensures that the phone would be launched in the first half of 2021, so it would not be surprising if it was presented during the month of February, as Sony usually does. A few months ago Sony canceled the development of its Xperia 10 III, it seems that to focus on mobiles with 5G connectivity.

Sony Xperia Compact

This new phone would respond to this new reality of the Japanese firm. There was a time when Xperia 5 was considered a potential Compact model, but in the end it was not exactly like that, since although it was somewhat smaller, not so much. Something that now does sound more plausible seeing the trend in the market that Apple has once again imposed with its Mini model, There have also been information that Xiaomi would also be preparing its own small alternative to compete with the iPhone 12 Mini.

Written by Jorge Sanz

November 21, 2020

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