The Spaniard vaccinated against coronavirus in London talks about the side effects

UK has started to apply the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Domingo Chinarro, español resident of London, is one of the people who have already received he treatment al full.

“I’ve already had two,” said Domingo this morning in Public mirror. Nine days after the vaccination campaign began in the British country, the Spanish received the first dose of the vaccine, and it was the last January 7th when completed the treatment.

Asked about possible side effects that have appeared after his administration, Chinarro says that they have been light.

“With the first dose my fever rose to 38.5, but it passed. With the second I had to stay in bed for a day, not so much because of the fever, but because I was tired, cold. But it was a day, now I’m perfect“.

The application from second dose of the vaccine means reaching the supposed immunity in the face of the disease, how strong is it hitting in UK these last days. The advance of the coronavirus has caused the sanitary collapse, while increasing infections, deaths and the number of hospitalized.

“I think I’m free to catch the virus, and that I have to find out soon because I fly to Madrid at the end of the month. I hope to be well to be able to fly, “he points out.

However, confesses who lives with a lot concern epidemiological evolution in England. “It is getting pretty bad, but it seems that the government has started to open many centers to vaccinate and they are calling people to come forward voluntarily,” he concludes.

You can rewatch the interview with Sunday, Spanish in the United Kingdom vaccinated with the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, in Atresplayer.

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