The Spanish alternative to Xiaomi has a 120 euro discount

There are many ways to get around the city. Now, due to the pandemic, many avoid taking public transport and walking on many occasions is not a viable option. Electric scooters are a very good option for getting around the city quickly and comfortably.

The world of electric scooters is really vast. Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers that has more options, but also Cecotec. The Spanish firm is making a bigger hole in this segment every time, being a real and economical alternative to the Mi Scooter Electric 1S.

In this case it has 8.5 inch wheels that are filled with air, making potholes and unevenness in the road less noticeable. They also have ‘Tubeless’ technology which would prevent you from puncturing easily.

Cecotec Bongo Serie A for 279.60 euros

The motor is located in the front wheel and has a power of up 700 W, which will allow you to climb slopes in a simple way.

It has 3 driving modes: ‘Eco ‘,’ Standard ‘and’ Sport ‘. The difference between them is in the power and maximum speed they reach.

It is already limited to 25 km / h, which makes comply with current regulations of the DGT.

Its autonomy is also 25 kilometers, although This is a highly variable factor due to weight, terrain, temperature … among many others. The battery is removable.

Its usual price is 399 euros and now it only costs 279,60 euros Limited Time.

Bongo Serie A for 279.60 euros for a limited time

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