The Spanish caviar Riofrío grows in the United Kingdom and plans to land this year in the United States and the United Arab Emirates

It estimates to double its exports in 2021 so that they represent 20% of its sales


Caviar Riofrío, the world’s first organic caviar, boosts its international expansion after strengthening its presence in the United Kingdom after Brexit, while it works to bring this Spanish caviar to the United States and the United Arab Emirates throughout 2021.

Specifically, the Granada-based firm, founded in 1963, is facing this year with an ambitious ‘roadmap’ to reinforce the sale of this iconic gourmet product in more international markets.

Caviar Riofrío reinforces its presence in the British market with the help of the Mevalco distributor, since it represents its first connection with British haute cuisine. Thus, Granada’s caviar will be present in the restaurant of Nieves Barragán, a chef of Basque origin and with a Michelin star.

For four years, Spanish caviar can be purchased at Harvey Nichols stores in London, a sale that represents a percentage of just 1% of exports.

In this way, Caviar Riofrío, which is present in countries such as Monaco, France, Portugal, Denmark, Germany, the Philippines or Malaysia, is looking forward to 2021 with the aim of intensifying its international expansion, especially in Europe, but also with a focus on in making the leap to other continents such as America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Thus, it is working to begin its landing in the United States, where it plans to close its first order during February or March, according to company sources confirmed to Europa Press, who have specified that among the new destinations for this year they have been set in the United Arab Emirates, Panama, Dominican Republic and Mexico, but that will depend “to a great extent” on the improvement of the current situation of the global pandemic.

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In 2020, Caviar Riofrío exports, which have been growing in recent years, accounted for 11% of the company’s sales and the firm estimates it will be able to double it in 2021. “We expect that this year exports will amount to at least 20%. of the turnover and that in the next five years it reaches at least 40% of the sales “, explained the commercial director of Caviar Riofrío, David Montalbán.

Caviar Riofrío exports caviar of 100% Spanish origin and which has an exhaustive traceability. Thus, taking into account that production is limited and adjusted to the natural cycle of sturgeons, it is expected to increase it, reaching three tons of caviar in 2022, and reaching five tons in the following years.

Faced with these challenges, Caviar Riofrío has also renewed its brand identity to create a typographic visual system based on the movement of sturgeons and that ends up adopting the circular shape, an icon of the caviar universe.

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