The Spanish embassy publishes a tweet in Ladino, several tweeters mock and others explain that it is a linguistic treasure

May multitudes of people have met Ladino thanks to a tweet published by the Embassy of Spain in Turkey and that has become a trend this Sunday.

In Ladino or Judeo-Spanish It is a language spoken by Jewish communities of Hebrew descendants called Sephardim. This language is still alive in Israel, although it is in danger of extinction and, to preserve it, in Israel there is the National Authority of the Ladino, an institution created in 1997 with the aim of protecting a cultural legacy of a language that is being lost little by little.

The Ben-Gurion University of the Negev also tries to preserve Ladino and several scholars from the university organize talks, colloquia and study days to preserve the Judeo-Spanish culture.

In fact, There is an international Ladino day and for that reason, the Embassy published, this Sunday, a small thread in this language to celebrate it.

“For mozotros it is a great satisfaction to include activities of the Sephardic culture in our cultural program kada mez”, you can read in one of these publications.

These tweets have caused a multitude of messages mocking the thread, since many thought they were misspelled. “You will be drunk writing like that, no? I can’t find another explanation”, “This is a joke, right? If we go to the Spanish embassy in Turkey, will you talk to us like this?”, “Have you ever been here?”

Nevertheless, multitudes of people have understood the message, have applauded the initiative and have explained their experiences with the language.

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