The speed of spread of Covid in Catalonia increases, but the risk of regrowth decreases

The contagion speed of spread of Covid, (Rt) rises two hundredths in Catalonia, to stand at 0.88, while the pressure in hospitals continues to drop slightly. Precisely, the healthcare situation and the rapid transmission of the new variants of the virus have motivated the Generalitat to extend most of the restrictions decreed to contain the pandemic for one more week.

At the same time, the risk of a re-outbreak of coronavirus drops slightly -by three points-, to 261, which indicates that the situation of the pandemic in Catalonia is still serious since a risk of a re-outbreak of more than 100 points is considered high. On the other hand, the accumulated incidence of coronavirus at 14 days falls from 316.15 to 304.38.

In Catalonia

Three deaths in the last 24 hours

The new infections detected amount to 1,936 -confirmed through PCR or antigen tests-, which brings the global number of coronavirus cases registered so far to 505,805. Despite this, it is considered that the pandemic is under control since the percentage of tests that have come out positive of those carried out in the last week is still below the threshold of 5% – specifically, 4.46 have tested positive % of the total-.

Likewise, three new deaths have been reported, bringing the total to 20,411 since the start of the pandemic. On the other hand, 1,944 patients admitted to hospitals are counted, 82 less than in the last balance, and the ICUs treat 606 infected by Covid, seven less than yesterday.

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Vaccination plan

The number of vaccinated with the second dose amounts to 181,356

Another significant data that has emerged on the evolution of the pandemic in Catalonia is the number of people who have received the first dose of the vaccine, which rises to 306,419, while those vaccinated also with the second dose are 181,356.

A healthcare professional receives the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine at CAP Passeig Maragall in Barcelona

Marta Perez / EFE


The number of school groups confined by cases of Covid infections increases

The school groups confined by cases of coronavirus infections are today 1,139.37 in Catalonia, more than in the last balance, according to updated data from the Department of Education. The figure represents 1.58% of the total number of school groups in the community.

To date there are 27,443 people confined by cases of coronavirus infections in the educational community of Catalonia, 971 more than in the last balance: 26,020 students (+877), 1,332 teachers and administration and services personnel (+81) and 91 of external personnel (+13). The accumulated infections are 54,094, 395 more than in the previous balance.

2,493 cases of coronavirus infections have been registered in educational centers in Catalonia in the last ten days. There are three closed centers, one in La Noguera, one in Baix Penedès, and one in Gironès, which are 0.06% of the total. There are also 701 centers with some group confined by coronavirus, 13.73% of the total of 5,104.

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