The ‘Star Wars’ hotel rooms at Disney World are all you need

New images have been released on what the new one will look like theme hotel from ‘Star Wars‘: the Galactic Cruiser which will be in Disney World, Florida.

Through a virtual event organized by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, the president of Disney Parks, Josh Amaro was in charge of showing how spectacular the rooms of this new theme hotel from ‘Star Wars’ the Disney World, which has surpassed the conceptual art that they had previously shown.

The new royal rooms already assembled offer endless details inspired by the ‘Star Wars’ saga that began with George Lucas in 1977, it will be located very close to the Hollywood Studios park -also in Florida and one of the four that make up all of Disney World-.

One of the variations on this Galactic Cruiser of ‘Star Wars’ is the duration of the stay because, despite what usually the client is the one who decides the days and nights of their stay, in these rooms they will only allow you to stay for two days and two nights, no more.

The rooms according to the photographs shown, simulate to be a launch capsule like those of the legendary ship ‘Halcyon’ that will have a family suite with a conventional bed and two compartments that can be used as a bunk for children.

The windows of the themed hotel ‘Star Wars‘, offer shifting views on the sales of the galaxy as the spacecraft moves through space.

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During their stay on board, guests will interact with others, each fulfilling an important role for the crew and will choose their own adventure based on their decisions; be it wielding a lightsaber, touring the starship bridge or an excursion to planet Batuu in the ‘Star Wars Galaxy Edge’ in Disney Hollywood Studios.

It is expected that the Galactic Cruiser themed hotel inspired by ‘Star Wars‘-where you can also drive the’ Millennium Falcon’- from Disney World there will be for next 2021.

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