The storm breaks over the OFGC

The storm breaks over the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria

The head teacher of the training faces two lawsuits for workplace harassment and the request for dismissal presented by the group of Citizens of the Cabildo

Karel Mark Chichon

The storm has broken over the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria (OFGC). During the last days, the complaints of Christian Roig, probationary manager of the Orchestra, and Ruyman Santana, spokesperson for Ciudadanos in the Cabildo, towards Karel Mark Chichon, titular director of the training, have made their way through the headlines of cancellations and closures due to the health crisis. The musical news looks again towards the archipelago, the scene also of the controversy around the management of the contract of the mezzo-soprano Elīna Garanča in her last concert with the Cabildo Orchestra.

This situation was pointed out in these pages by Justo Romero, who defended the bravery of the mezzo-soprano by report a practice that is becoming common in the Spanish administration in the music sector: singers do not sign their contracts “until the day of the concert or the start of rehearsals.”

Ruyman Santana retrieved this anecdote to illustrate his request for immediately cease Chichon, which he presented on November 16, ensuring that there is a report from the Cabildo legal services in which it is noted that his hiring was “null and void”: “Chichon takes steps that do not appear in its contract for the provision of services, how to make executive decisions in the Philharmonic, has its own office and private secretary, Powers that could only be exercised with a special senior management contract, for which a contest had to be held under the principles of equality, merit, capacity and publicity, since the contractor was a public foundation, ”the statement said. Read more details here.

On the other hand, Chichon and the Foundation itself are also facing complaints of the training manager, Christian Roig, and the production manager of the set, Isabel Turienzo, alleging workplace harassment. Turienzo filed a complaint in June demanding “protection of the company against psychosocial occupational risks and preventive measures considering that it had been exposed to a hostile work environment for months,” as stated The province – read here the article of this newspaper -.

Roig, in testing period from September 1, claims Chichon and the Philharmonic Foundation compensation of € 40,000 for “damage to his moral integrity, right of honor and his own image”. The lawsuit was filed on November 4 in the Social Court No. 1 of Las Palmas, and in it accuses the Foundation of injustice, chaired by Guacimara Medinaalso president of the jury of the public competition that appointed him manager -, claiming that “he is not allowed to perform the functions for which he has been hired”, therefore your performance will not be evaluated during the trial period, 6 months. This situation, the plaintiff specifies, generates “a situation of restlessness, restlessness and anxiety that gets worse every day ”; denounces the Foundation and Chichon for “their antecedents when participating or intervening in the legal relations of the Foundation workers“; and in particular to conductor of the orchestra for “workplace harassment”, insisting that Chichon has tried that “administrative and legal irregularities, with negative legal and economic significance for the interests of the Foundation, and therefore for the general public interest, that have been occurring during the existence of the contract Chichon with the Foundation. It also indicates the “opacity and legal validity of your contract” and the payment of invoices and fictitious contracts”. Roig also accuses the existence of a media campaign to smear his person in which this medium is involved.

This medium published in August an article by Justo Romero under the title “Chanchullo en la Filarmónica de Gran Canaria” in which the contracting process by contest of Christian Roig and the two appeals presented by two of the eight candidates that they entered the contest. In these appeals it was stated that Roig had been treated favorably and, in some way, the implication of Guacimara Medina, president of the jury, is hinted at in the final ruling.

This information will be expanded in the coming days.


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