The storm Filomena and the endless story

The military has been given visibility again in a moment of crisis and, unfortunately, he will be forgotten once again.

Members of the same team where some have perceived it or others not, temporary military personnel who participated and being RED at the time of its distribution have not received it, while their active colleagues have.

Leganés, January 12, 2021

You are one step away from repeating an endless story, which is known how it will end.

The military are once again in the streets and on the highways, after the passage of the storm Filomena, trying to alleviate the effects produced by it, and fulfilling their responsibility of service to the citizens.

They have been given visibility again in times of crisis and, unfortunately, they will be forgotten once again. Gone will be some essential improvements in our military career and in our meager salaries.

An immense majority of the troops and sailors, the majority of the military who are currently working in our cities, together with firefighters, civil protection or state security forces and bodies, will be hopelessly doomed to civil life for turning 45. In the Armed Forces, those who are valid to serve at 43 or 44 years old are no longer valid when they turn 45.

The Spanish Troop and Sailor Association “ATME” makes clear its commitment to citizens and Spain, but it also makes clear its unwaivable commitment to the demands of the troops and sailors. We claim that we are a superfluous expense for the citizen; but we should not be cheap labor either.

The military man is fed up with the double standards he suffers from. He is fed up with the forgetfulness that he suffers when the general state budgets approach or when he demands improvements in his military career and the end of temporary employment.

The year 2021, if the health situation allows it, should be the year to go out on the streets again, just like September 19, to once again claim professional and remunerative rights that are repeatedly denied us.

Recently an image has been published on the networks that perfectly defines the situation we suffer from day to day.

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