The storm ‘Filomena’ damages 1,100 hectares of Canarian crops

The storm Filomena has damaged at least 1,100 hectares of crops in the Canary Islands, where the storm caused gusts of winds of more than 100 kilometers per hour and continued rains, and almost 3,000 parcels have had an accident, according to data from Agroseguro.

In general, these are minor incidents, as reported by the combined agricultural insurance system, and 80% of the affected plots are banana plantations.

The island with the most affected area is Tenerife, with 595 hectares, of which 539 are banana trees. There has also been specific damage to other insured crops such as citrus, papaya, avocado (especially on La Palma), tropical pineapple (El Hierro) and cut flower farms (northern La Palma).

The incidence is small in the case of potatoes, as the passage of the rains coincides with a change in the crop cycle, and there have been occasional damages by wind in tomato facilities.

According to Agroseguro, the speed of the insured producers in sending the claim reports is facilitating the work of the appraisers, so that in the coming days an economic assessment of the effects of the storm on the agriculture of the Canary Islands will be available. .


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