The Suardiaz line between Barcelona and Tangier moves a thousand semi-trailers in three months – El Mercantil

The regular Ro-Ro service of the Suardiaz shipping company between Barcelona and Tangier (Morocco) has exceeded 1,000 semi-trailers transported since it was launched in November 2020, and 30 clients have benefited from it. Up to 30 different clients have used the route operated by the Spanish maritime company, which has achieved that its ships depart with around 50% average occupancy during these first three months of operation.

The main products transported have been refrigerated products, followed by automobile products. The products of the textile sector close the list, due to the fall of the sector due to the closure of stores in Europe, they have listed from the shipping company.

The company opens the door to increase frequencies if demand peaks occur

With an estimated transit time of 35 hours on the journey from Barcelona to Tangier and one more hour on the return trip, sources from Suardiaz rule out for the moment increasing the frequency of the crossings. In any case, they could contemplate it “at specific times where load peaks occur that could not be covered with current capacity.”

According to the company, this ro-ro transport line has decongested roads by offering an alternative to existing routes, in addition to contributing to the European Commission’s goal of decarbonisation and emission reduction in the European Green Deal. The company connects Barcelona and Tangier twice a week with a boat with a capacity of up to 200 semi-trailers per route destined for all types of unaccompanied ro-ro cargo. In this regard, Suardiaz has stressed that, as a 100% merchandise service, “it would not be affected by passenger demands”.

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