The success of the climate summit depends on whether Boris Johnson is doing the last thing he ever wanted: forgetting Brexit

Hflaunting a crunch climate summit a few months after Brexit must have seemed like the ideal way for the prime minister to demonstrate that leaving the EU didn’t mean isolationism. However, for COP26 to succeed and for the Paris climate deal not to unfold, the UK and the EU will now have to put Brexit behind them and work closely together.

As host of the COP26 summit in Glasgow in November, it is up to Boris Johnson to take the lead. At this time, the 195 national climate strategies that make up the 2015 Paris Agreement would not come close to preventing dangerous levels of warming. That’s why Paris diplomats have joined the agreement a commitment that leaders return with updated plans in five years.

COP26 will then be the time when we will learn the exact size of the gap between what scientists tell us is necessary to prevent the most catastrophic impacts and what governments are willing to do – and most importantly, if climate security it still remains within our grasp.


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