The suit that Prince Charles has worn for 40 years

He is clear about his commitment to the environment

Fashion is one of the industries that has affected the world the most. In the fight for sustainability, many companies are trying to create more environmentally friendly materials and garment options, furthermore, an awareness is being fostered to invite people to refuse and recycle their garments.

Prince Charles of England He knows that we should not buy so many clothes, he is one of the typical men who have pieces from many years ago that also continue to fit him (well and if he does not have a click, he can send it to be fixed, the truth) In addition, the son of Queen Elizabeth is an ambassador for social causes and is very concerned about taking important actions to favor the environment.

One of the clothes that he loves and continues to wear is a suit that we saw him in repeatedly in the 80s and he has worn even at the wedding of his son, Prince Harry.

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That’s right, remember the Royal scandal with the father of Meghan Markle, the now wife of his youngest son? Charles of England led his daughter-in-law to the altar with the gray suit that is almost 40 years old in his closet.

prince carlos suit

Of course it is not noticeable and perhaps we would never have imagined it but that formal evening dress called ‘morning suit’ belongs to the firm Anderson & Sheppard de Savile Row 1984.

For that special day such as the Royal Wedding of his son, Prince Harry, of course Carlos, like the rest of the family, considered acquiring a new suit; however, she did very well to think about the pieces she had already bought before, as did Kate Middleton as well.

When it comes to tuxedosLet’s face it, they’re not sooo used even being the Queen’s son, so they don’t wear out.

Prince charles He wore it to other events, as well as Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall’s wedding, and Ben Elliot and Mary-Clare Winwood’s, so apparently it’s the wedding outfit.

prince carlos suit

Let’s be honest, prince charles He could have a huge collection of suits if he wanted to, but on the contrary, he knows his commitment to the environment and is not worried about being seen with repeated garments, he prefers to invest in good pieces that are durable, as durable as 40 years, for example.

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