The Superliga wants to displace the Champions

The Super League wants to go on the attack, to be the maximum enemy of the Champions League, this tournament is on the table and it is sought to be carried out in a very short time. This contest is expected to generate more earnings than the Champions League.

At the moment there is still nothing official, it is very close to seeing a new era in the most important club tournament in the world.The idea arose as a result of the International Champions Cup, a tournament that took place in the United States and served as preseason for seven and eight teams from the old continent.

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Now the plans point to another direction, a battle is looming to take control of the tournament, since all the meetings between the interested teams were behind the back of the European Football Union.

What is the Super League?

The Super League aims to bring together the 18 best teams from the old continent and play in a league format, that is: all against all to roundtrip matches to complete a total of 34 dates.

Today the team that wins the Champions League plays between 12 and 14 games, against 34 guaranteed games and a significant amount of millions of euros for each game, just for TV rights.

The clubs that would be guaranteed their place are Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid, by the Premier League: Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Manchester United. Few are the Mexicans who have won a Champions League.

In Serie A, the chosen ones would be Juventus, Inter Milan and Milan, while the current Champions of the Champions, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund appear from the Bundesliga.

Added to these teams are PSG from France and probably one more team from Ligue 1 and it remains to be determined whether Ajax from the Netherlands and the Portuguese Benfica and Porto will enter.


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