If you want to eat in Surrey, be it in a restaurant, takeaway or in business, there are systems in place to ensure that your diet is hygienic.

While there are businesses and public bodies that meet the standards set by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) throughout the county, some do not.

In Surrey, there are nine farms that received the lowest food hygiene score of 0 in the first six months of 2019. Five is the highest.

Since then, two of these establishments have been reviewed and improved, while the other seven continue to have the lowest possible score.

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Of the nine 0 points, one is in Guildford, one in Runnymede, three in Waverley and four in Woking.

No subsidiaries in Elmbridge, Epsom and Ewell, Mole Valley, Reigate and Banstead, Spelthorne, Surrey Heath or Tandridge are rated 0 after receiving one in the first half of 2019.

What does a 0 mean?

If the FSA rates food hygiene as 0, it means that improvements are urgently needed.

The assessments cover a company's handling of food, food storage, food preparation, cleanliness of facilities and food safety management. They are not an indication of food quality.

In Surrey, unannounced inspections of district and county council officials are carried out on behalf of the FSA.

With a score of 0, Council Inspectors conduct further compliance visits to ensure that the most pressing issues have been resolved, but do not conduct a full re-inspection unless the business owner requests this.

Reviews are available on the FSA website at http://ratings.food.gov.uk/.

Below you will find details about the nine business units. All ratings are valid from 15 August 2019.


Chilworth Stores, New Road, Chilworth

Chilworth Stores was inspected by health inspectors from the Guildford Borough Council (GBC) on Jan. 15 and rated 0.

The company was asked to comment SurreyLive However, on more than one occasion, we were told that the manager was on vacation and no one else was available to comment.

A GBC spokesperson confirmed the rating and confirmed that no review of the revaluation has been requested.

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The spokesman said, "On January 14, 2019, an unannounced food hygiene check was conducted at Chilworth Stores in Chilworth.

"In this inspection, they received a food hygiene rating of 0 – Urgent improvement required.

"One of our Regulatory Services team members visited the Chilworth stores again, and the business owner has not requested a re-review of the review, so the rating is still up to date."


Ricky to go, Clay Corner, Chertsey

Ricky to go, Clay Corner, Chertsey

Chinese restaurant Ricky Takeaway was inspected by the Runnymede Borough Council (RBC) on June 11 and rated 0.

Wilson Cheong, manager of the business, said in response to the review SurreyLive that the bad rating was partly due to paperwork and partly to ignorance.

He promised, however, that the standards would have improved. He said, "The problem is usually associated with a lot of paperwork and infrastructure.

"The previous rating was one and then we get to the point where it's a zero. It's all about the infrastructure.

"We've been in Chertsey for a while now, and many of our devices, even the ventilation, wear only because it's been so long.

"It's also part of our ignorance because we ignored it and it costs a lot of money, we had warning about warning.

"So what happened to the rating is that it made us aware that we really need to do something about it.

"There has been a lot of tidying and renovation, everything is clean and almost everything is new, we believe we can go back to where we were.

"Our employees lack knowledge, I would say, many of them mix one color of the cutting board, etc.

"Now all employees have undergone rigorous training and we are pretty confident that we can return to a rating of four or five."

A spokesman for RBC confirmed rating 0, but also said that further inspections have been conducted to verify that the deal is safe to continue trading.

The spokesman said, "The owner has since carried out work to remedy the problems identified at that time, and reviews by our officials have confirmed that standards are appropriate to allow trade with the company.

"A formal reassessment of the reviews will take place six months after the visit on June 11, which is common practice."


The Barnett Hill Country House Hotel is located on Blackheath Lane in Wonersh

The hotel received a rating of 0 after it was inspected by the Waverley Borough Council (WBC) on May 29th.

A WBC spokesman has confirmed that the rating is maintained and no re-review has taken place.

SurreyLive has tried three times to talk to the company. The first time we were put through to a certain person, but the phone just kept ringing, and on the following two occasions we were told to call back sometime.

The company was made aware of the reason for the calls.

Brightwell's Gostrey, West Street, Farnham

The community day center for over-50s is run by a charity that offers cooked meals for clients to combat social isolation and treat dementia.

The center was visited by Food Inspectors on April 5 and rated 0. A WBC spokesman has confirmed that the rating is maintained and no re-review has taken place.

Maggie Groves, charity manager, said the assessment was due to "unfortunate circumstances".

She said, "It had nothing to do with the sanitary condition, it was training and recording the temperatures of the refrigerators.

"They came when we lacked staff, there were two new people, and it was their first week, and I was gone, but we received two messages, and both were fired, and we have re-inspected."


AFC Piri Piri, Walton Road, Woking

AFC Piri Piri received the food hygiene rating zero

The snack bar was inspected by Woking Borough Council (WBC) officials on February 13 and rated 0.

In response to the review, Zahir Ahmed, one of the owners of the store, said, "Whatever problems we had and we are waiting for a re-inspection, which will hopefully take place next month."

A WBC spokesman said the council is in constant dialogue with the company to ensure that it meets a compliant standard.

The guru, Westfield Road, Woking

The Guru Indian Restaurant, Westfield Road, Woking

The Indian restaurant received a rating of 0 after being visited by inspectors on March 28th.

When SurreyLive We called the company, talked to a co-worker, and said we'd contact him to comment on the company's food hygiene rating before the phone was hung up.

The company also did not respond to an emailed request for comment.

A WBC spokesman confirmed that rating 0 remains.

Eastern and Oriental, Westfield Road, Woking

Eastern and Oriental, Westfield Road, Woking

The Chinese restaurant was inspected on Feb 28 and rated 0.

When contacting through SurreyLive The owner invited everyone to evaluate the cleanliness of the business itself.

Richard See said: "Any customer can come to my kitchen at any time and inspect them with their own eyes.

"If my restaurant has not been rated since February, why do you have it? [the council] not shut down? I am very happy to give every customer a tour of my restaurant.

"The inspector came back in late April or May saying everything was fine, but they still did not give me a new rating, which I find very unfair.

"I've been waiting for a re-inspection for months and they still have not come."

A WBC spokesman confirmed that the rating remains. They added that a compliance check was performed to confirm that the restaurant can remain safely open and that the company is now waiting for a full re-inspection.

Companies that have improved their rating

Both Farncombe Tandoori on Farncombe Street and Farncombe and Turkish Kitchen on Commercial Way, Woking received a rating of 0 for the inspections conducted in the first half of 2019, but have since improved their rating on a re-inspection.

The Waverley Borough Council has confirmed that Farncombe Tandoori now reaches a rating of 3 (generally satisfactory), while the Woking Borough Council has confirmed that the Turkish cuisine is now rated 4 (good).

Both companies continue to be rated 0 on the FSA website, however, it is noted that the new ratings will be released shortly.

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In a comment on the FSA's 0 rating website, a spokesperson for the Turkish kitchen said: "We have thoroughly revised and reviewed our hygiene practices.

"Our ordinary manager was on a family vacation for a long vacation, but has now returned and will take full control of the issues that have arisen in his absence.

"We are confident that the improvements and systems implemented have taken full account of all the concerns expressed by the Council and that now a high level of hygiene assessment can be awarded.

"We are currently waiting for our re-examination."