The terrible mistake of The Mandalorian: a production person in the middle of the scene | Entertainment

Star Wars fans noticed this detail and immediately began sharing it on social media.

The Mandalorina is one of the most viewed series on the new platform streaming, Disney + and it was also one of the most anticipated by all Star Wars fans in Latin America. Therefore, now that he made a serious mistake in his filming, were hundreds of people who noticed it.

Last Friday a new episode of the series was released spin-off from Star Wars, which was titled: “Chapter 12”, and, far from the incredible action scenes and cuteness of Baby Yoda, many fans noticed a detail that did not match the plot.

During a scene, in the middle of a laser blaster battle, you can see in the background a member of the staff dressed in a beige T-shirt and trendy pants, a look which is far from the fashion used in “the galaxy very, very far away.”

This generated a lot of controversy in social networks because apparently no person in charge of reviewing the episodes of The Mandalorina They noticed it and now that it was released, all fans can see this oversight.

This isn’t the first time a big-budget, popular series has made a mistake with these might seem basic production details when shooting a scene.

Last year, during the final season of Game of Thrones, the most expensive series in the history of television, fans could notice a series of serious errors such as the presence of a glass of coffee or a bottle of water.


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