The “The Witcher 3” update brings the PC’s cross saves to Switch

The publisher has a couple of caveats about cross-saving, however. He said that if you change the name of a PC save file, the Cloud Save feature on the Switch will not recognize it. “The mod-related bugs and blocks could be transferred from a modified PC game save file,” he also noted.

It is not the only modification on file for the Switch port. There are several additional graphic options, including ways to adjust depth of field, antialiasing and motion blur. Since the Switch is not as powerful as typical Xbox One, PS4 or gaming PCs, The Witcher 3 it does not contain the same visual punch on the hybrid console. The updated graphics options may mitigate it somewhat.

Another new feature are touch controls and support for multiple text languages ​​in some regions, while CD Projekt Red says it has improved performance and fixed some bugs. “Further off-screen languages ​​will follow, added as free DLC in selected areas,” he added.

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