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How’s it going for timey-wimey?

15 years have passed since the TARDIS – which stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, for the uninitiated – has returned to television screens in the United Kingdom and abroad with the revival of Doctor who, the beloved British science fiction series about an alien doctor with the ability to regenerate the face every time the actor who plays them gets tired of the role. Returning on March 26, 2005, Christopher Eccleston assumed the role of the Ninth Doctor, captivating for a whole new generation the character known as the last of the Lords of Time who travels through time and space with a trusted companion or two while inside what appears to be, from the outside, to be nothing more than a blue police box.

And while his tenure didn’t last that long, Doctor who it remains a television element all over the world, with four other actors who enter the eccentric role of the Doctor when necessary. However, not everyone who has taken command of the TARDIS is created equal. In honor of 15 years of this modern Doctor Who, we thought of classifying the five doctors once and for all.

Check out our ranking of the five waking doctors below!

Doctor who is currently slated for the return of Christmas 2020.

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