The tricks of a couple of travelers on Instagram to take bold photos

Camille Demyttenaere and Jean Hocke are a married couple and Instagram influencers who travel the world together.


Camille Demyttenaere and Jean Hocke have been married since 2017.


The couple is originally from Belgium, but lives in London and spends most of their time traveling.

Recently, when Insider spoke to them, they were spending a month in Switzerland.

The couple got married in late 2017 and photos taken on their honeymoon in early 2018 gave them the travel bug.

“We had published posts about truly unique and special places because we like adventure,” said Demyttenaere.

Demyttenaere and Hocke went viral in 2019 after posting a photo of themselves hanging on a train.

train 1

The couple went viral in 2019.


The photo appears that Demyttenaere and Hocke may have died if they lost their grip, but the couple told Insider’s Rachel Hosie that the post, which at the time of writing had over 70,000 likes, was actually an optical illusion.

In fact, the couple would have fallen on the tracks, which are wide enough, if something had gone wrong during the filming.

The angle of the camera and the turning train hide the track.

The train photo isn’t the only photo the couple took that looks dangerous, and they said it’s intentional.


Their photos look more dangerous than they are.


“Whenever we published something that seemed a little bolder, we felt that people got very excited, both positively and negatively,” said Hocke of his followers’ responses to that type of photo.

The couple also said that “they will try to prepare the images for an interesting end result” whenever they find something that seems “a little bold”.

“The goal of our images is to make them visually appealing,” said Demyttenaere, and if they are able to get a photo that looks somewhat risky, that’s an added benefit.

But Demyttenaere and Hocke have a pre-established procedure that keeps them safe, even during their most daring photo shoots.

Naranghar vFinal2

The couple follows a series of steps for their posts.


“The first very important part is preparation,” said Hocke.

Although the photos of Demyttenaere and Hocke look natural, they are actually carefully planned, particularly in terms of where the shooting takes place.

The duo told Insider that they turn to Pinterest, Instagram and even magazines to find places to take interesting photos.

“It’s always something prepared,” said Demyttenaere of the locations for their photo shoots.

After choosing a place, the couple sets the times for their photo shoot.

VFinal telegraph 2

The couple looks up locations for photos in advance.


“Once we know the place, it’s very important to know when to take photos,” Hocke told Insider.

“In Brazil, where we are hanging on the rock, you have the sun exactly in your face if you go there in the morning,” said Hocke of this photo, taken on the Pedra do Tel├ęgrafo in Brazil. “So you have to come in the afternoon.”

“You need to know when and under what conditions to take the picture.”

They appear to fall on the beach in this shot, but there is actually a surface below them that the corner doesn’t show.

This photo, taken on a bridge in Jaipur, India, was taken at dawn.

India Jaipur.JPG

The couple posed on a bridge in Jaipur, India.


The bridge becomes crowded with tourists during the day, so the couple did the sunrise photo shoot to avoid people.

Demyttenaere said she always goes barefoot during their shots as well, since she has a better grip and makes her less likely to fall.

“The third point is to have the right goal,” said Hocke of preparing for success with the photo shoots.


The couple prefers shots with a wide angle lens.


“Typically, when you want a lot of the background behind you, you need to work with the wider angle lens,” said Hocke.

“It means that you can take a picture from very close, but still have the effect of a person who seems a little far away. And you can capture many of the surroundings.”

“It’s especially useful when you want to do some kind of optical photo illusion,” he added.

The couple told Insider to also practice their poses before the photo shoots.


They practice their poses in advance.


“We try to position ourselves in a way that looks very nice,” said Hocke.

They often practice their poses, so you can easily get the shot you want when it’s time to click.

“We always try to do it in a safe place before we make sure we nail the pose,” Hocke told Insider of their practice sessions.

“The angle and the way the photo is taken is always very important,” Demyttenaere told Insider.


They must program the photos correctly.


“For example, in the train photo, it was very important to take the photo while the train was running,” as this created the illusion that there were no tracks to catch them in the event of a fall, he explained.

Likewise, in the photo of the couple posing on the edge of a cliff, they positioned the camera below them to make the shot more dramatic.

They also told Insider to take most of the photos with a tripod, as they prefer to take their own photos as third parties cannot know exactly what they want.

Hocke said people often think that capturing a viral photo requires luck, but believes that a lot of planning ends up getting a bold shot.

Rotui vFFFF

The couple thinks that viral photos require work to create.


“We knew exactly what we were doing and we almost hoped it would go viral in a way,” added Hocke, speaking of the train photo.

“We worked hard,” added Demyttenaere.

“We would never put ourselves in a situation that could be potentially life-threatening,” said Demyttenaere.

SUP vf

Sometimes the couple is in danger when taking photos.


“The problem we face is that these more risky types of photos are fine, so where’s the limit?” Hocke said.

They said they wouldn’t put themselves in a life-threatening situation, although they put themselves at risk of injury, like breaking a bone.

“We make it look much more dangerous than it actually is,” Hocke said of their photos.

Some people criticize the couple’s dangerous photo shoots, but said that this won’t stop them from taking bold photos.


The couple consider the art of their photos.


“For us, creating an image like this is an art form,” Demyttenaere told Insider. “We want to create a certain feeling or emotion in our followers, and it’s part of what we do.”

“We don’t think we should limit ourselves to harmless images,” said Hocke.

The couple also share behind-the-scenes tips for their shots on their Instagram stories, showing others how to be as confident as possible if they choose to replicate one of the photos.

You can follow Demyttenaere and Hocke on Instagram here.

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