The Turkish GP is back, or when Webber realized that Vettel was in charge at Red Bull

To speak of the Turkish GP is to speak of Istanbul Park. And to speak of Istanbul Park is to speak, possibly, of the place where Sebastian Vettel’s four World Cups were ‘born’ with Red Bull. Yes, the German did not win a title there, but it was in that race that it became clear who was number 1 in energy drinks and who was number 2: Mark Webber.

It was in that race, in 2010. In the season in which Sebastian Vettel won his first World Cup after a race in which Red Bull used the Australian as ‘bait’ for Fernando Alonso and Ferrari. They ate it up completely, despite the fact that the Austrians were clear, long before, who was their favorite among their drivers to win the World Cup.

With Webber on pole, they bet on Vettel

In Turkey, and after several small puffs between the two and especially between Webber and Red Bull, the fire came. With Mark starting from pole the Austrians decided to give Vettel an advantage in the stops. Despite everything, the Australian returned to first place with a big ‘but’.

The ‘but’ of fuel, supposedly. From the boxes they told him to loosen up, and Vettel, after passing Hamilton, got close enough to pass him. He tried, but what he got it was a touch between both and to stay out of the race. Lewis won, and Webber was able to finish third.

Marko blamed Webber

Helmut Marko, directly, blamed Webber for the accident, with a somewhat more reflective Horner: “This situation will not happen again, this Turkish GP taught us an expensive lesson for pilots. “

The truth is that Webber already suspected that something could be happening in the team the day before the incident with Vettel: “I started to smell that the team might conspire against me. “

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“Those four races, those from Istanbul to Silverstone, were the beginning of the end of my positive thoughts on Red Bull “, the Australian said.

The new rear wing was for Vettel

The truth is, coincidentally, Red Bull had a single new rear wing available that weekend. They gave Vettel. Despite everything, pole went to Webber.

It was the penultimate year, at the moment, in which it was raced in Turkey. After the race of 20111, the country stopped hosting Formula 1 until this season so strange because of the coronavirus, in which the calendar from the beginning has little or nothing to do with what it has been in the end.

“Asphalt sucks,” according to Hamilton

At the moment, the asphalt of the track is winning over absolutely no one, generating countless reviews by several of the most outstanding pilots as Lewis Hamilton y Max Verstappen.

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